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Team Payment Option:
Help Pay For Your Team, Friends, Clan Mates TeamSpeak Costs Here Send Server IP & Port# to Conquer86@live.com To Have Donation Added to the Correct Server!
  • Add-Ons:
    Items Price
    Add More Slots (5-40 Max Slots) 3$ - 15$ CAD
    Basic Setup - Server Open You Set up All FREE !
    Advanced Setup - We add All Channels, Pics, Groups, Permissions Etc. 5$ CAD
    Full Server + VPS 6 Months and Full Setup to Run Your Own Ts3 Company 2500$ CAD
    Weekly Backup(Every Friday) - saves your last full Configuration Of Your Server NOW Free$ CAD
    Monthly Backup(Last Day Of Month) - saves your last full Configuration Of Your Server NOW Free$ CAD
    Chose Add-On
    PLEASE READ : when you make a purchase you will receive your key by email if you pay with Paypal the email will be sent to the email used to purchase with the Paypal, however you are not required to pay with Paypal you can just use Credit Card in which case you will need to send and email to conquer86@live.com or teamspeak3voice@gmail.com with the display number you have purchased and the Order Number or log on to TeamSpeak 3 and contact TeamSpeak3Voice Staff or any Staff Member. Now if you require to pay with other methods than Paypal or Credit Card Please contact one of our staff members first before doing any Purchase!! Always remember we are here to help you get setup in what ever means you need we value our customers and there situation they may be in for payment. We are well established and will do what ever we can to make your stay with us easy. We Currently DO NOT have instant Server Setup as we run dedicated instances for each and every server we set up And what this means is you have a dedicated Resources set up for your server as well as 1200GB/s DDOS and DOS Protection Systems Added FREE of Charge. We have a High Volume of Servers So this is why it can take a few minutes for Our Staff to Launch the Server!!Only contact us @ conquer86@live.com and/or teamspeak3voice@gmail.com as the Owner monitors these 2 email at all times!!!
    All Prices are subject to change however if you continue as our Customer your price will never change and if our Pricing Drops your pricing will be drop and on 6 Month Purchases you will receive a refund for the price difference. We have a 7 Day MONEY BACK! Policy if you are not Satisfied with the Service. Any Issues with Prices or any questions about long term services with us you can contact the TeamSpeak3Voice Staff to work out a Deal. Also if you want to start a Company of your own you must go through TeamSpeak3Voice Staff as well, we are a small company but Value our customers and hope to make you all satisfied with our service. We look forwards to doing business with you and hope you have a great Day