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Hosting For all your Communication Needs on games like World Of Tanks or Armored Warfare!!!

XWe offer Teamspeak & Ventrilo Server Rentals at Low prices 24/7 monitoring. We are here to bring you and your gaming buddies closer. while you play your favorite online games with friends and family you can have your own teamspeak server or Ventrilo Server with as many slots as you need.

  • Clean And Minimal Design.
  • We Love Our Clients.
  • Powerful & Flexible Settings.
  • Premium Support is 24/7.
  • Dedicated Servers.
  • Minimal delay for Setups.
  • New Features Available.
  • DOS & DDOS Protected.
Our Services
Advanced User Servers
Basic Server is a Quick and Fast setup no additional help or support after setup unless Requested at Purchase!!
New User Servers
we will guide you through setting up your teamspeak or Ventrilo server and give you guides and helpfull tips!!
Full Ventrilo Setup Servers
We will set up your Ventrilo how you want with all channels and Room set up how you Want!!
Full TeamSpeak Setup Servers
We will set up your teamspeak how you want with all channels, groups, permissions and Icons added that you Request!!
Other Services
Games Communities
We are a Part of Armored WareFare, World of Tanks, Conquer Online, World of WarShips, World of Warcraft & More!!!
We are always looking for new members to Join our Community and/or Staff!! We Offer many Positions and Advancement!!
Website Design
Currently in the Process of Building Custom Programs and New Online Communication Systems!!
Cloud Hosting Soon!!
We will soon be offering cloud server hosting and data storage!!
Small Buisness Setup - InProcess
We can Soon Offer Full Support and Access to setup up your own Teamspeak Servers & Ventrilo Buisness of your Own!!
Online Tech Support Via Teamspeak 3 or Ventrilo Soon Skype as well or Email!
We will have help Lines setup up for Basic computer help, support, advise and much more!!
Had Great Service fast response time, had many great advances and good over all pricing fun staff. Joined a great community of people and look forwards to the future with TeamSpeak3Voice.
John Mazerolle
Manager CEO
Very Helpful staff, friendly, reponsive, great skills when involving my needs with teamspeak 3 and my servers. will always come back here for any support I need and look forward to our continued Business.
Mila Markovna
Founder Hosting Inc.
was looking to start up my own small buisness and TeamSpeak3Voice was here to help me, solved any questions I, had pointed me where I needed to go and even did some hands on with me and my pc to help me better setup my small buisness and I am very greatfull.
Jonathan Malley
New Buisness Owner.
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